4 Foot Bullwhip

4 Foot Bullwhip

I’m currently working on a four foot 12 plait bullwhip in black kangaroo. I went up to David Morgan and picked out this skin for it:


This skin is a lot bigger than what I need, it’s 64dm, which would almost make an 8 foot whip.  The amount of skin needed to make a 4 foot whip really isn’t that much and if I bought a smaller low 50’s dm skin, the leftover wouldn’t be enough to do anything meaningful with.

While I was up there the Meagan and Will showed me a bullwhip that came in for a repair. It was a black bullwhip made in the 1990’s at David Morgan.  At 20 years old this whip was in great shape, no broken strands and the braiding was still very tight.  It had been used, so it wasn’t something that someone used as a “wall hanger”.  When you buy a well built whip (and you take care of it) you are buying something that will last for decades!


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