Stockwhip Finished

Stockwhip Finished

I’ve finished the kangaroo stock whip, it’s an 8 plait about 4.5 feet. I haven’t cracked it yet, I’ve been too buy to go to the park. It turned out a little slim and I think in the future I will add an extra layer of bolster to it to bulk it up.

Yesterday I cut out three cores, and three 4 plait bellies for 5 foot bullwhips. I may get them started soon. I’ve realized that it’s much faster and makes less waste of the hides when I cut them in bulk. I’m thinking I will make two 12 plait kangaroo overlay whips at 5 feet and one 8 plait roo whip…but we’ll see what happens.

I have an nice natural roo hide that I got from David Morgan that I cant wait to cut up. After doing a lot of kip overlays lately, then cutting that roo stockwhip…I definately prefer the kangaroo. It makes a better whip…but also a better looking whip!

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