Learn to Make a Bullwhip DVD

Learn to Make a Bullwhip DVD

I’m working on finishing up a project I started a couple of months ago while I was travelling in the midwest.  It’s DVD that will teach you how to make a basic beginners bullwhip.  The pattern I’m using is pretty simple, it’s a core, plaited belly and 4 plait overlay.

This DVD assumes you’ve never made a whip before, and takes you step by step through the entire process.  Everything used in it was sourced in one shopping trip to a Tandy Leather Factory and an Ace Hardware.  However you could get the same materials from pretty much any leather shop and hardware store.

The DVD was recorded while I was travelling, so I’m making the whip in hotel rooms.  I did this on purpose because I wanted to come up with a way to make a whip for someone who didn’t have a whip making shop.  Since I was in a hotel room, I couldn’t screw hooks into the walls, so you’ll learn to make a whip…without committing to hanging hooks on the walls in your house!

Currently I’m doing the final editing on the Make a Beginner’s Bullwhip DVD and it is scheduled to ship out on 5/23  . This DVD will  sell for $30, however as a presale special, if you order before midnight on 5/22/16, you will save $10!  That means the Make a Beginner’s Bullwhip DVD is only $20 and I’ll include free shipping!

The DVD is $30 and to order simply click the button below to add it to you cart!

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