Bullwhip Making on the Road…

Bullwhip Making on the Road…

I’m currently in Pipestone, MN travelling for the most of the next 7 weeks performing my show.  This week in my hotel room I’m working on making some 4 plait beginner’s bullwhips.

bull whips

I’m working on making six of these bullwhips in cowhide.  Currently I have most of them cut out, and should be able to get started plaiting tomorrow.  Over the summer I perfected my “Hotel Whip Workshop” technique and have come up with a very simple way to make whips in a hotel room.

I’m thinking I might make a video of making one of these whips and offer it as an into to whip making.  You can get all of the needed supplies for cheap at a hardware store and you don’t need a lot of space, so I think it’d be a good lesson for “urban” whip makers.


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