White Hide Bullwhip Falls

White Hide Bullwhip Falls

Today I’m working on a batch of White Hide Bullwhip Falls.

whitehide fall

  1. I don’t think people realize the process that it takes to make falls. For these I don’t just cut them off the side of leather.  I have to:

    Cut them off the side of leather

  2. Pare all four corners
  3. Soak them in grease
  4. Round them
  5. Cut the eyelet
  6. Round them
  7. Give them another hit of grease

Sometimes I wish I simply just cut them and dropped them in the mail…however I think you get a better product with the slightly more labor intensive process.

Falls are something that I feel like I’m always out of or that I have a dozen White Hide Falls and someone just ordered the Red Latigo which I need to cut more of!


7 thoughts on “White Hide Bullwhip Falls

  1. Louie, you should try Australian Redhide sometime. After working with both Whitehide and Latigo, Redhide is a breeze. It cuts easy and rounds nicely. I’ve also heard they last longer.

      1. I bought my strip from Mike Murphy also. Pity he stopped selling them. I’ve been thinking of getting a side from Packers or Richard Taubman, except I would never use that much. I guess I could cut it into strips and sell it. There are enough leather whipmakers around that would probably buy it. I think it is far superior to latigo and whitehide.

  2. I too tend to work on my falls a fair bit. In fact unless I have to way around it; meaning the whip is not at hand, I will always make the falls for each whip in question, which precludes me from making them ahead of time because I like to wait until I have a finished overlay to see exactly what the whip needs. I have a way of testing them to see if the taper and length are ok and although this is mostly a feel your way kinda deal, it does seem to produce good results, also I prefer a well-rounded fall with a good taper on it. I takes more time to make, but you can’t argue with the results…

    Good on you for taking the time to make them right Louie!

    1. Franco,

      One thing I do with falls when I premake them is that I cut them very long and fairly wide at the top and narrow at the tip. When the whip is finished I can then cut the fall to the whip by matching the point to the spot on the fall that I like. I then cut the fall at that point and put the eye there. It seems to work well in most situations.


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