From the email bag…

From the email bag…

Here’s an email that I recently got:

Hi there,
I was just wondering if you could help me work out what lengths of kangaroo lace i would need to make a whip…is there some kind of formula to work out how many meters needed for a whip of 6 or 8 meters.

The general rule for making a whip is the total length times 1.5 to get what you need to make a whip.  However that will vary a bit depending on how hard you pull, angle of the braid, etc.  I’ve only made a handful of longer whips (over 12 feet) and always made my lace longer than 1.5 times the length of the finished whip.  I didn’t want to get 17 feet into an 18 foot whip and run out of lace.

Another thing to consider is that if you are asking the question as to how much lace to use, I’m betting you are a fairly new whip maker, so I’m going to advise against making a 6 or 8 meter whip as an early project.  Make a few shorter whips at 8 feet which or just under 3 meters and you’ll figure out how much lace you need based on how you braid.

Hope that helps,


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