Signal Whips!

Signal Whips!

Currently on my plaiting hook are two signal whips.  These are both going to be four feet long with 12 plait overlays.  I drove up to David Morgan to pick out a kangaroo skin.  Here’s the skin I decided to make them out of:

veg tanned drum stuffed kangaroo

This skin was 58 decimeters, and I thought it would be plenty.  I was able to cut out both bellies and overlays, and there’s probably enough left over for either both wrist loops, or one of knots.  Hopefully I’ll have enough black scrap kicking around in my scrap bin to finish these whips. Otherwise I’ll have to buy a whole skin for a tiny bit of lace.

I made both of the internal layers that are built with a shotbag, plaited belly and bolster. In the picture below the overlays are cut out, however no strand prep has been done.

signal whip

Today I’ll get started on the overlays, and hopefully with some luck these whips will be finished on Friday.


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