Christmas Whip Orders…

Christmas Whip Orders…

I’m starting to get people asking me when my cut off date will be for ordering a whip if they want it to arrive by Christmas.  I’m only giving the deadlines for orders that would be shipped in the USA.  Outside the USA with all the potential customs delays, etc I’d say order ASAP and hope you get a nice customs agent that processes your package.

For IN STOCK WHIPS or WHIP ACCESSORIES to be delivered by Christmas you’ll have to place your order by the end of the day on 12/20/15.

For any MADE TO ORDER WHIPS the current wait time is about 7 days. That means the order would have to be placed by 12/13/15.  However that wait time is subject to change due to how many orders are ahead of you, so if you need it by Christmas please contact me  before ordering to confirm that I’ll be able to ship it by the deadline.


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