Bullwhip Fall Replacement…

Bullwhip Fall Replacement…

Recently I had this whip sent into me:


The owner wanted a new fall put on it.  When it originally lost its fall they sent it to a leather worker and they stitched a fall onto it.




whip fall

While stitching a fall does get it attached to the whip, it’s going to make it a pain to replace later.  Also when it was stitched on they didn’t tighten up the point of the whip, so there were huge gaps in the plaiting due to the looseness of the braid.



whip repair

I had to cut off the fall, unbraid it a bit and rebraid the point.  Then I tied a new fall hitch and put a fall on it.


This is why it’s important to send a whip for repair to someone that knows what they are doing.  Leather braiding is a very specialized area of leather work.  Within braiding making whips is a very specialized area of braiding.  So you’ll get better results when you send a whip to someone that knows what they are doing.


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