from the mail bag…

from the mail bag…

Here’s an email I recently got:

have you ever made a whip from chrome tanned kangaroo leather or know anybody that has? I have made a bullwhip from chrome tanned cow hide its ok and it was my first one I made and I got a good deal on a side and figured if I mess up I wouldn’t be out much cash. but to my surprise it cracks pretty nice. I also made a small one from veg tanned cow hide which was much nicer to work with and a lot stronger then chrome tanned. with that being said how strong is the chrome tanned vs the veg tanned roo hide. the reason I ask this is because chrome tanned is cheaper and i’m not made of money but I would like a nice kangaroo whip if a chrome tanned one would be almost as good as a veg tanned one it might be worth it. and where would you suggest to buy good kangaroo hide? do you sell it? Thanks for the advice

My advice would be to save up for veg tanned kangaroo.  It’s a much better material for plaiting.  You could use chrome tanned for a belly where it doesn’t take the stress that the outer layer takes.

However keep in mind with any leather that’s not “drum stuffed” you will have to “hand grease” the skin.  That adds extra cost on top of the cost of leather and extra labor on your end.  Also the end result typically isn’t the same as a tannery doing the greasing for you.

Hope that helps…



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