Whips in the News

Whips in the News

Here’s one of the few positive mentions of someone using a bullwhip in the news:

Indiana Ben cracks whip at state fairgrounds

Jugheads Youth Juggling Co.’s Paul Arneberg gives his students plenty of freedom to succeed on their own terms.

Ben Moore — a Woodbury resident, Arneberg’s nephew and “just one of the Jugheads,” his mother said — combined his study of the sport of juggling with a little inspiration a la Harrison Ford.

Indiana Ben is a new act featuring juggling balls, rings and clubs, plus the cracking of two whips, and the wearing of a trenchcoat and a fedora.

And 12-year-old Moore’s favorite part of the show?

“Scaring people with the bullwhip,” he said.

A performer must play to the audience, Moore added.

“He likes the reaction,” said Tammi, his mother

Read the whole article at: http://www.woodburybulletin.com/life/arts-and-entertainment/3816236-indiana-ben-cracks-whip-state-fairgrounds

It’s always great when there’s a story that promotes sport whip cracking!


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