RIP David Morgan

RIP David Morgan

On July 8th the world of whips and whip making suffered a HUGE loss with the passing of David Morgan.  The next four paragraphs are from the David Morgan company’s facebook page:

David Morgan of Woodinville, WA died July 8, 2015. Born May 21, 1925 in Vancouver, Canada, David is survived by his wife of 62 years, Dorothy, their four children (Olwen (Robert Ruggeri); Barbara (Chip Zukoski); Meredith (Ed Orton) and Will), six grandchildren and one great grandchild.

David was a metallurgist by training and an entrepreneur by nature. He and Dorothy founded Austral Enterprises in 1962, which continues to this day as David Morgan, LLC.

David was kind, helpful, gregarious, generous, and an excellent problem-solver. He will be missed. The family wishes to express gratitude to Lawrence and Michelle’s Adult Family Home for the loving care they provided.

Services will be private. In lieu of flowers or contributions please do something kind or helpful in David’s name.  David W Morgan, co-founder of David Morgan LLC, died on July 8, 2015 at 90 years of age.

I was very fortunate to discover that David Morgan’s shop wasn’t too far away from where I lived when I first got into whip making.  I’ll never forget showing him a whip that I was proud of and him pointing out all the mistakes that I made.  That “tough love” really helped make me a better whip maker.

I learned to plait from the Ron Edwards books, however I learned to plait correctly by having David show me all the places where I had extra movement or was just plain doing it wrong.

Pretty much all the skills that I use to make a whip David helped me with and was always very generous with his time and I will miss him!


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  1. I never met Mr. Morgan but I loved his books and his store and appreciated his taste in clothes and leather goods. His “goods” had a aesthetic value and durability. He will certainly be missed but he educated and touched many people in his life. Thank you Orlando

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