Whips on Ebay

Whips on Ebay

Right now I’m downsizing the collection of whips that I’ve made and currently have 4 whips on ebay.  One snakewhip, two single tail / signal whips and one indy bullwhip.  You can view the auctions at:


Also here are some pictures of whips that I don’t think I’ve posted yet:

First is an 8 plait shot loaded signal whip (single tail):

single tail / signal whip

single tail / signal whip

 Here’s a snakewhip, I hand dyed it and it’s 3 and a half feet long:

4 foot snake wip

Another single tail / signal whip, 8 plait 4 feet long:

single tail / signal whip

Finally here’s an Indy whip:

Kangaroo indiana jones whip

12 plait kangaroo bullwhip 6 feet

That’s all that’s on my camera right now.  I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of my 6 foot long handled whip that’s in progres sometime today.



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