After I posted (original post here) about the kangaroo that Tandy LeatherFactory had recently started selling I got this email from Graham Packer Leather in Australia:

When we looked at the Tandy advert – we noticed  that they had described the leather as “Finished Kangaroo Leather”.. This wording is important as I understand that the leather was from an Italian producer.  This producer offers a Glazed Aniline leather – this leaner is produced with a veg retan process and then is lightly finished with Pigment.  The leather is made for really footwear.

You say that you will soak the leather in grease to soften it.

In reality – it will never feel like the Drum Stuffed whip leather that you normally use.

Your  comment are correct as to its origin and possible processing.

If you don’t know Packer makes what is in my opinion the best drum stuffed kangaroo you can get for whip making!

I agree with Graham’s assessment of the leather that Tandy is selling, it’s really unsuitable for whip making or braiding in general!



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