6 foot 12 plait Indy Bullwhip

6 foot 12 plait Indy Bullwhip

I finished an Indiana Jones Style bullwhip.   The main difference between this bullwhip and most “indy” bullwhips is that this one has a spring steel handle foundation instead of the usual spike. 

indiana jones indy style bullwhip

I like the spring steel for the handle foundation.  One thing I like about it is how it adds a bit of “response” to the whip.  In David Morgan’s book “Whips and Whipmaking” in the chapter on handles he talks about the benefits of a flexible handle.  The disadvantages to  using spring steel is it’s about 5 times more expensive than a spike and it’s not as heavy.  I addressed the weight by adding lead to the butt of the whip to even it out a bit. 

kangaroo bullwhip indiana jones style

I’ve also changed the way I make the filler strands for the last half of the whip.  I use less strands, but they are thicker, instead of more strands that are thinner.  This makes the point of the whip less dense than my whips previously had, so the break in time is a bit less.  I learned that from my break down of my Morgan whip and with conversations with him.

bullwhips for sale indiana jones style


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