Blackjack Repair

Blackjack Repair

Recently I did a repair on a antique blackjack that had a broken wrist loop.  Here’s how it looked initially:

leather blackjack

Here’s a slightly closer up of the blackjack itself:

black jack

First thing I had to do was undo the knot:

black jack repair

Under the wrist loop there weren’t really any surprises, initially.   What I did find interesting under the string was that the wrist loop was tacked to the spring foundation of the blackjack.  It was just nailed inbetween the coils of the springs.  I would have figured the texture of the spring and the binding with string would have held it fairly securely.  Then thinking about this probably hanging from a policeman’s wrist or belt while they are running around all day those little tacks probably gave a bit of extra security!

Once the spring was taken off what was left was the bare spring foundation.

black jack

I’ll post some pictures of the finished repair soon.


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