4 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip

4 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip

I’m currently working on an interesting little project, it’s a six foot 4 plait bullwhip in kangaroo.  You don’t see a lot of 4 plait kangaroo bullwhips, it’s more common on stock whip lashes.  I think they are less common in bullwhips because the lash is thicker and it can be harder to get the wider strand out of a kangaroo skin.

Personally I have two 4 plait kangaroo bullwhips that I use, one four feet long and I use it for throwing cards because the edge of the cards ding the strands on the whip and the wider strands hold up better.  The other is four and half feet long and I made it to use on a TV show to grab bottles with:



A four plait whip for a beginner will hold up a lot better to abuse like using it on abrasive surfaces than a 12 or 16 plait will.

To start this bullwhip I went up to David Morgan to pick out a kangaroo skin:

bull whip

This skin is 66 dm2 which is much larger than I’d normally need for a 6 foot bullwhip, but due to the wider strands in a 4 plait whip I figured it’d be helpful to have a larger skin to cut around.  Currently I have all the internal layers finished and today I’ll start working on the overlay.

One thing about visiting David Morgan, besides getting to pick out the perfect skin for the job I’m working on is getting to peek at all the cool whips kicking around:



The bullwhip in the upper right corner is probably one of the most beautiful bullwhips that I have ever seen!



2 thoughts on “4 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip

  1. Re: Beautiful bullwhip


    I couldn’t agree more that the whip hanging upper right is a show stopper…the apparent heft of it, the flawless taper, perfect coiling and above all the perfect color change as you move down from handle to fall..amazing. Thanks for catching (and posting) that!


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