Fancy Whip Making Tools…

Fancy Whip Making Tools…

If you read forums on the internet about whip making (or leather craft) people always talk about wanting to make a whip, but are saving up money for some expensive cutter, splitter or whatever.  They think they need expensive tools to make a whip.  The simple fact is you really don’t need anything fancy to make a whip, other than time.  All it takes is a lot of practice to make a whip, sure your first one will suck, but it will whether you use simple or fancy tools.

No counting things that go into the whip (like string or grease), here’s my list of tools that I use:

Box cutter and blades
Scrap Leather 

So for probably less than the $40 you can have all the tools you need to make your first bullwhip.  The scrap  leather is cut offs from your whip, so that’s free and you probably already have a hammer and ruler.

The point is if you are thinking of wanting to try to make a whip, don’t get bogged down by tools, just get a knife and start cutting!



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  1. Very profound Louie. I started out with simple tools. As time and skill progressed I got better tools that made the job easier. Still though my most reliable tool is a knife. After that is my Dene Williams strander and splitter. I would love to have a splitter but cannot justify the cost. Instead I am making one based on one I saw on youtube.

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