What Makes a Whip and Indy Whip?

What Makes a Whip and Indy Whip?

I’ve posted about this before and I’m always amazed at how many email me to ask why are my Indy Bullwhips so expensive compared some whips being sold places like eBay as “Indiana Jones Whip.   One of the reasons is that my Indiana Jones style whips have all the technical specifications that David Morgan built into the original Indiana Jones bullwhip.  These are:

* 6 plait wrist loop

* 5 X 4 three pass heel knot

* 5 X 4 two pass transition knot

* Checker board handle

* 12 plait overlay ending at a 6 plait point (4 Seam pattern)

* Whitehide fall

* Nylon Cracker

I was learning to use a new video program, so I quick video using it pointing the different specs of and Indy bullwhip:

And I made another video pointing out why a whip that’s frequently sold on eBay as an “Indiana Jones” whips is not an Indiana Jones whip, but simply just a whip:

You can view the auction here and see how the seller uses a lot of hype to try to make you not see that this isn’t an Indiana Jones whip.

So if you’re in the market for an Indiana Jones style bullwhip hopefully you can make an informed decision.


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