Bullwhip Handle Tweaks…

Bullwhip Handle Tweaks…

I’m currently working on an 8 foot 12 plait “Indy” bullwhip.  Lately my Indy bullwhips have had a thicker handle that resembles a more Modern David Morgan 450 series bullwhip.  After visiting Paul Nolan a couple of months ago and looking at the slimmer handle profiles he puts on his Indy bullwhips I kinda liked that look.  The look on Paul’s resemble a more “vintage” Morgan bullwhip.

One of the reasons that mine end up with a thicker handle, and a thicker general profile is that I like using the thick kangaroo skins on the overlays.  It gives good chunky look to the strands one the whip.   When making the whips I usually even out the bellies on my bench splitter, but not thin them down very much.  For this whip I thinned down the bellies quite a bit.  I also thinned down the yoke more than the strands, that’s going to give my handle a slightly thinner profile.  I also adjusted my core a bit to be thinner on the handle foundation.

Here’s the inner belly finished:

bull whip

And here’s the outer bell finished:




I also made a little adjustment in how I put the lead on.  I normally add the lead on top of the final bolster.  For this whip I added the lead, then put the bolster on the whip.  That’s goingn to reduce the size of the heel knot a little bit.

Indiana jones style bullwhip

I’ve gotten a bit of work on the overlay in and I’m liking the little differences that this is making the the overall look of the whip (so far).


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