Visiting David Morgan…

Visiting David Morgan…

On Monday I went on a little field trip up to visit with the folks at David Morgan and to pick up a kangaroo skin for an 8 foot bullwhip.  I like going up there because I get to chat whip making and I get to dig through their skins and pick out the perfect skin for the project I’m working on.  Here’s a bunch of strand sets for signal whips hanging at David Morgan:

david morgan whips
Since I’m making an 8 foot bullwhip I needed a skin that is in the upper 60 to lower 70 decimeter square range.  I picked out this 71 dm2 skin:

veg tanned drum stuffed kangaroo

I also had to stop at my local Tandy Leather Factory to pick up another side of cow for bolsters and maybe a couple of 4 plait whips.

how to make a whip

Now it’s time to start cutting up leather and doing some plaiting!


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