eBay – Buyer Beware!

eBay – Buyer Beware!

It was recently brought to my attention that a seller is using a picture of mine to sell kangaroo leather.  I know many sellers use one picture to represent a batch of leather and I really don’t have a problem with that.  However this particular seller is selling a single kangaroo skin and using a picture that I took of 4 skins…and in this day with everyone having a camera on their phone how hard is it to take your own picture of the actual product you are selling?

Also with leather, this is veg tanned and these are pretty good looking skins, no scars, etc.  They are also kangaroo skins from Packer which are  drum stuffed.  If I was expecting a good looking skin and they ended up sending  me a chrome tanned skin that had tons or scars or holes I’d be very mad.  This is why it’s important to deal with a reputable seller of kangaroo.  They are going to pull you a good skin.  For example when I need natural tan kangaroo I drive up to visit David Morgan and I always get an awesome skin from them.  In fact I was just up there on Monday getting a kangaroo skin for an 8 foot bullwhip.

Here’s the picture they used:

bullwhip making  kangaroo

Here’s a screen shot of the ebay listing and you can view the auction by clicking here.
kangaroo leather

What get’s me is that the slug with my website is still at the bottom.  What that does is if whoever buys this ends up getting the skin and it’s junk they may think it’s from me and then it reflects poorly on me.  Honestly I have no problem if someone has a bad opinion about me…as long as it’s based on ME, not someone representing something as mine through pure laziness on their part.

While I was on ebay I did a quick search for the term “Kangaroo Leather” and the listing below came up:

kangaroo leather




So based on the picture I’m 99.9999% sure that’s not a kangaroo skin.   I’ve never seen a kangaroo skin shaped like that, but I have seen every side of cow leather I’ve ever bought shaped like that.  The description part of the listing is below:

kangaroo leather

As if my mind wasn’t made up before reading the description my opinion that this isn’t kangaroo was confirmed by the dimensions being 96 inches long!  That’s 9 feel long (and there’s no tail on that piece of leather)!  Can you imagine coming across a kangaroo that’s almost 9 feet tall!

So what I’m saying is when it comes to buying kangaroo for a whip be sure to deal with a known seller you’ll end up with a better skin and a better whip!




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