4 thoughts on “Kangaroo Bellies and Boslters…

  1. For the bolsters, did you cut them with straight lines or did you simply follow the hide and mark as you go? I’ve often wanted to make an all-roo whip but the idea of cutting out so much leather for bolsters didn’t appeal to me and correct me if I’m wrong here, but I always figured following the hide would end-up causing curves in the thong…


    1. I cut them straight across the skin and spliced them together. I’d imagine that if you cut around the skin it wouldn’t necessarily cause a curve, but would be a pain in the butt to get it covered right. For example it might want to spiral or cause a lump.

  2. I have recently purchased a heavy roo hide from David Morgan with the idea that I would be able to make such a whip, 8 foot-8 plait, all kangaroo. I have pre-cut strands for the core and 1st plaited belly. The hide measures 71 dm2…could this be accomplished with just the one hide?

    1. Are you doing the bolsters out of kangaroo as well?

      For me a 71dm kangaroo skin would be plenty for an 8 foot bullwhip…however everyone makes things a bit different. For example I wouldn’t do the bolsters from kangaroo, I’d use veg tanned cow.

      Hope that helps

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