Nylon Bullwhip from Pakistan

Nylon Bullwhip from Pakistan

I frequently get emails from braiding companies in places like India or Pakistan that want to send me samples.  I’ve never taken them up on them  until recently.  My main reason for not taking the samples is that I didn’t have any intention of selling whips made overseas.

However with me messing with nylon whips recently I got another email from a company and I decided to take them up on their offer.  Mainly to see how mine compared and if they made something as good or better I’d consider selling them.

Here’s what they sent me:


Right after opening seeing this whip my first thought was the fall was too long.  Shortly after starting the whip cracking session this was confirmed.  I cut a few inches off of the whip and it handled a bit better.

I took it to the park earlier today and  had a little cracking session.  Here’s a sample of it:

Internally this whip isn’t effectively carrying energy to the end of the whip.  It does “closed loop” cracks like a circus crack or over head crack fairly well.  However for “open loop” cracks like a flick/forward crack or side arm the whip seems to stall out about halfway.

So in my opinion this whip would be good if you want to learn one crack and really don’t want to progress past a very basic crack, so if it were for someone like an actor that only needed to crack a whip once in a play.  I think a beginner trying to learn a forward crack is going to have a hard time with this whip.

Knowing my feelings on this being a good learning whip, there is one instance I would sell them.  That would be if I sold my whips in a booth at places like Ren Faires (which I don’t).  I’d use these to fill my booth to offer something cheap for “impulse buyers”.

Also I’ve changed how I think about all these companies offering to send me sample whips.  Since they are contacting me, not me asking them for something, I will take the free whip…just keep in mind when you contact me I have very little interest in reselling whips that I didn’t make, so when you email me offering a sample you’re probably wasting your money.


2 thoughts on “Nylon Bullwhip from Pakistan

  1. I see what you mean. It looks like you have to throw it fairly hard even for the Circus Crack.
    Profit margins on synthetic whips are already difficult for US makers so I do wonder how these “cheap labor” whips will affect the market.
    With the equivalent in leather, there really is no problem since the chap leather ones are very obviously inferior, but with these, good material is not so much of an issue so cheap versions can be, or at least seem, closer to well-made versions.

    1. That’s one of the things I’ve noticed with Nylon is visually it can be hard to tell how much love has gone into making the whip when all the raw material looks the same.

      I was curious what’s inside this whip and why it felt like it was stalling out. I’m in the process or taking it apart and there are some interesting things going on with it. I’ll post about it tomorrow on the blog.

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