650 Paracord…

650 Paracord…

I was going to take a break from experimenting with making nylon bull whips after I finish the roll of red that I bought a couple of weeks ago…then I get a 10% off coupon code in an email from UBraidIt and I’m thinking I might make a couple more.

FYI the coupon code is: JUNE14

One of the bigger differences for me between making leather and nylon is the nylon is really rough on my hands.  I can’t braid for extended periods of time like I can with leather.  It’s been years since I’ve gotten blisters on my hands from plaiting, however thanks to the paracord I’ve gotten them again.

Another thing is my elbows have gotten sore.  I don’t know if I’m pulling differently than with leather or maybe it’s  the resistance with the nylon being different, but I’m hoping it temporary.

Also there are only a few hours left on the eBay auction I have on a bullwhip right now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/5-foot-BULLWHIP-12-plait-English-Calf-handmade-bull-whip-/221458916442?


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