Paracord Bull Whip #2

Paracord Bull Whip #2

Here’s my second attempt at making a paracord bullwhip. This whip has a shot loaded core, plaited belly, bolster and 16 plait overlay.

paracord whip


This one came out better than the first one.

bull whip

This paracord bullwhip is much lighter than the first one I made and I had a good time taking it out to test crack it!

I’m currently working on another paracord bullwhip with a different internal design…we’ll see how that turns out!


7 thoughts on “Paracord Bull Whip #2

  1. Looking good! It seems pretty fast for a 6 foot, though it’s hard to tell from a video. I like it and am curious to see what you end up deciding on the construction since, unlike most synthetic whip makers, you come to it from already being a professional on the leather end. I like the leather fall too.

    1. It’s strange looking at nylon from a leather whip making perspective. A lot of things to me don’t make sense right away, but then do later…or why people don’t do things a certain way. Like I think a easy way to strengthen the transition would be with Heat Shrink Tubing. It won’t add much bulk and you can put a bit over each layer. I don’t think anyone does that…

  2. I think a lot of people start out learning from a basic resource and loose interest by the time they get the confidence to try their own ideas.
    Heat shrink I would expect to break down faster than the rest of the whip which is the main reason I haven’t tried it myself, but maybe it would last.

    1. Jonathan,

      I’m going to imagine heat shrink will break down, but so will things like electrical tape.

      I watched an internet video of someone putting BB’s one at a time into 3 pieces of paracord for the core. Then they did a ton of wrapping with tape. It seems to me that simply making a vinyl shot bag would save a ton of time and you’d get a core that actually tapers in stead of steps down three times. I plan on eventually trying some more “traditional” nylon methods with the core, however it really seems like unnecessary work.


  3. Very nice whip there. Very fast action and smooth looking.
    Heat shrink tubing has been used as a bolster and also as part of a shot loaded core by some whipmakers.

    Was it pretty easy making the transition from roo to paracord? I know the one major difference is we can’t resize paracord widths. It is what it is .


    1. Jeff,

      There are a lot of differences between paracord and leather. Making the transition wasn’t hard from a braiding stand point, except that paracord is really rough on the hands. The nice thing is that Paracord is CHEAP compared to leather, you can get a roll of paracord for less than $40. Another thing is the thickness of the paracord, my checkerboard plaits come out looking funny.

      Over the years I’ve talked to a lot of nylon whip makers and cracker a lot of nylon whips, so I’ve got some knowledge of what I like / don’t like about common construction techniques.


  4. I must agree with you about everything you said. I do not use tape, multiple strands of BB’s, or shrink wrap, for similar reasons. The vinyl shot bag sounds very cool. I’d love to try out one of your whips once you settle on a construction technique.

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