Shrinking Paracord

Shrinking Paracord

Yesterday my roll of paracord showed up and I cut up a bunch and decided it was time to preshrink it.  I added in some extra length to compensate for the shrinkage when I cut it and then I soaked it in hot water:

nylon bullwhip

Once it soaked for a bit a I took it out and dried it in the sun:

bull whip


From what I’ve read on my paracord supplier’s website that’s how you shrink the paracord.  If I’m doing it wrong, feel free to let me know in the comments.


I also made the interior of the bullwhip out of vinyl and now the overlay is ready to be put onto the whip.  Hopefully I’ll get some work in on that today.


3 thoughts on “Shrinking Paracord

    1. Very little was lost. I don’t remember the exact amounts, I’ll write down the amounts the next time I do it. I’m glad I did it because there was some loss and it’s not a very time consuming step. The next whip is a lot more to my liking than the first!

  1. Thanks Louie. I haven’t run tests on that for a while. Maybe I’ll start measuring and keeping track regularly so I can tell if different colors are consistent in the amount they shrink, or if it’s dependent on something else.

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