Some Unique Whips…

Some Unique Whips…

I’m shipping off one of the bullwhips that I’ve made that I feel is unique to me and making it made me feel like an artist.  I’m shipping out the bullwhip with the shark spine handle.

bull whip

When I decided to make this whip I had never attempted anything like it before and never really seen anything like it either.  I think I’d seen pictures of leg bone or horn handles, but not spine.  I had to figure out how to make it work and was very happy with the results!

The other two bullwhips that are unique to me are the bullwhip with the sting ray handle:

Kangaroo bullwhip

The big challenge when working with string ray is how to cut or punch holes in it!  I figured it out and have since made 2 or 3 of these whips.

The last whip that I made that I think was unique to me was the snake head signal whip:

snake whip

single tail snake whip

In the past people have put snake heads onto the fall hitch of the whip (see Ron Edwards book How To Make Whips).  The problem with putting a snake head on the fall hitch is that as a snake it doesn’t make sense.  A snake gets skinnier from the head to the tail, not the other way around.  So I put a snake head where at the base of the whip.  Shortly after making this whip some of the crappier whip makers on eBay started knocking off this design.   This is the  only one of these that I’ve made.  I was going to make more, but when I saw they were being copied I lost the desire to do that.  Maybe I should make a some more of the snake head whips…


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