8 Foot Indy Bullwhip progress…

8 Foot Indy Bullwhip progress…

Yesterday I managed to get a few hours of work into this bullwhip.  I made more progress than I thought I would. My goal was to get the inner layers finished, so I was kinda amazed to have gotten as much done as I have.

I started yesterday by attaching the core to the handle:

bull whip

Then the belly gets attached on top of that.


Then that belly gets plaited.  In a leather bullwhip having a plaited belly is important.  It does several things, one being that it adds weight to the whip.  It also compacts the inner layers making the whip very dense which will move energy down the lash very efficiently.

Indiana Jones Bullwhip

On top of the inner belly goes a bolster.  This one starts at the end of the handle.

Indiana Jones Bullwhip

The outer belly goes on next and it covers the whole handle.  At this point I will also give the bolster below a coat of leather dressing.

Indiana Jones Bullwhip

The outer belly is then plaited to the end of the bolster below it.

Indiana Jones Bullwhip

The final bolster is cut out and fit the to lash.  A bolster between plaited layers is another important step because once it’s braided over it will fill up the air holes that would be left between two braided layers if a bolster wasn’t used.  It will also add weight and shape to the whip.


The bolster is bound to the handle by artificial sinew.

bull whips

Next the knot foundation is attached to the handle.

Indiana Jones Bullwhip

The overlay is cut out.

12 plait kangaroo

Here’s the remaining kangaroo skin after the 12 plait overlay has been cut out:

Indiana Jones Bullwhip


Now the most time consuming part, braiding the overlay.


The picture above is about 2 1/2 feet into the overlay.  I’ve got another 5 ish feet to go today, then I still need to do the knots and wrist loop.  With a bit of luck this bullwhip will ship out to its new owner Friday morning.


2 thoughts on “8 Foot Indy Bullwhip progress…

  1. Louie,

    Just got this whip today! Looks great, feels great…can’t wait to try it out. Too bad I’m giving it to my friend as a gift! But hey, he’ll enjoy it…just hope he doesn’t put his eye out.

    Thanks again for your prompt service.


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