8 Foot Indiana Jones Style Bullwhip

8 Foot Indiana Jones Style Bullwhip

Yesterday I got a call with an order for an 8 foot Indiana Jones style bullwhip. ┬áLuckily I’m caught up on my current orders and have a couple days off before I leave town, so I should have enough time to finish this before I leave.

I was out of natural tan kangaroo, so I made trip up to visit everyone at David Morgan to pick out a skin.


I picked out a skin a little bit larger than I needed and hopefully I’ll have enough leftover for another small project. The kangaroo skin is a 72dm skin:

bull whip

Then I trimmed off the edges:

veg tanned kangaroo

and cut out the two bellies:


That left me with a skin that looks like this:bull whip

After cutting out the bellies I made the core and cleaned up the spike that will be the handle.

bullwhip core

Currently the core has a coat of grease that’s soaking in and today I should have time to at least get both plaited bellies finished.


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