10 Foot Bullwhip

10 Foot Bullwhip

I’m currently working on a 10 foot 12 plait bullwhip in black kangaroo.  When the order came in I was out of kangaroo, so I made a little trip up to visit everyone at David Morgan.  One thing I love about getting kangaroo skins from David Morgan is that I’ve never gotten a bad skin from them.  They always pull exactly what I need!

This bullwhip has a 10 inch handle and cow leather core:


bullwhip core

The inner plaited belly was made from some leftover brown kangaroo that I had kicking around.

bullwhip kangaroo

bullwhip plaited belly

Then the inner bolster is cow leather and this is a short bolster that doesn’t cover the entire handle.

I’ve got the next belly cut out of the outside of the black kangaroo skin that I bought yesterday, however I  need to pare it and split it down to a uniform thickness.


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