Bull Whip Strand Break…

Bull Whip Strand Break…

Yesterday I was plaiting a bullwhip and about 5 inches past my first strand drop (12 to 10 plait) I broke a strand.  When that happens there are typically three options:

  1. Add a New Strand:  I could cut out a new piece of lace and add it into the plaiting as I drop out the broken strand.  To to this I would have to unplait some of the whip to properly anchor the new strand.
  2. Swap Out a Filler Strand: This is a pretty easy procedure, simply drop the broken strand and add in one of the filler strands from inside.
  3. Unplait to the Strand Drop and Switch Strands:  To do this I would unbraid the whip to the strand drop and switch the dropped strand for the broken one.   So the broken one gets dropped and the one that was previously dropped ends up as part of the overlay.

Since I was fairly close to the strand drop I figured I might as well back it up and swap out the broken strand for the dropped strand.  In this particular situation that was the best option and basically it’s like the strand was never broken!


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