Two Tone Bullwhip

Two Tone Bullwhip

This bullwhip has been in the works for a very long time and I’ve finally found time to get a bit more work in on it.  It’s one of my fun projects, if it was an order for someone it would have shipped out months ago.

This is a red and black kangaroo bullwhip.  What makes this different is that the handles strands start in one layout (all red going one way and all blacks going the other way), then at the end of the handle the strands end up in a different layout (3 red  / 3 black going one way and 3 red and 3 black going the other way).

I finished the plaiting the other day:

two tone bullwhip

Today I’m working on knots.  Here’s the scored lead sheet:

Hopefully I’ll get a the knots on this whip today!


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