English Calf Bullwhip

English Calf Bullwhip

I finally finished the bullwhip that was made with English Calf.  It’s a 5 foot 8 plait bullwhip. This particular bullwhip has a 10 inch handle and was made with a core, plaited belly, bolster and overlay.

bull whip


Using only one belly and bolster gave this whip a slimmer profile and I like that look on a shorter whip.

After making and cracking a bullwhip made from English Calf I love the material…but I don’t love the  price.  It comes in pretty close in price to kangaroo.  If the kangaroo supply in the USA ever dries  up this is the material that I will switch to!

This bullwhip is available for sale on my IN STOCK WHIPS page!


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