Bullwhip in English CALF

Bullwhip in English CALF

A while ago I found some English Calf Leather that I was going to make some bullwhips out of.  English Kip is a common leather for making bullwhips, however I’ve never heard of anyone doing it out of English Calf.  My first project is a five foot 8 plait bullwhip:



I have the plaiting done, it still needs a  fall, knots, etc.

Honestly I was amazed at how nice this leather is to plait!  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the English Kip that I’ve used in the past, I felt it was over priced for the quality.  This English Calf fantastic…however since it’s almost as expensive as kangaroo I don’t know if I’ll use it again purely based on price.  It’s slightly cheaper than kangaroo and I think would be an awesome alternative if kangaroo becomes hard to find in the USA, however I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

So to sum it up, ger the English CALF, not the kip.


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