Bullwhip Accessories…

Bullwhip Accessories…

I had an unusual rush in orders of the weekend for bullwhip accessories.  Things like falls and crackers.  So my morning has been spent rebuilding up stock of them.

whip accessories

Also if you placed an order over the weekend keep in mind that today (10/14/13) is Columbus Day and the post office is closed, so your won’t ship out until tomorrow.

Currently I’ve got a couple of projects on my hook I need to finished up to make some room for some new projects that are  coming in.

bull whip

Also I still have a bullwhip on ebay right now, shoot over and bid on it!  http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-foot-12-plait-Indiana-Jones-INDY-style-BULL-WHIP-kangaroo-bullwhip-by-Louie-/221295536515


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