Bullwhip in Britany Spears Video

Bullwhip in Britany Spears Video

If you remember a few weeks ago I posted about Britany Spears putting out an “call” for a bullwhip trainer for her new video (http://bullwhips.org/?p=6403). Well the video just came out, so from the call to the video being released today, it was about a 3 week turnaround.  There are only two short scenes with her and a bullwhip (a few more with a riding crop) and based on how she is holding it they didn’t get a good trainer, or she didn’t listen to the trainer.  In either scenario I imagine they thought a bullwhip would be easier to use. Unfortunately it’s not a pick it up and start knocking cigarettes out of someone’s mouth sort of skill…it takes practice!

Here’s the video:


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  1. Turns out Anthony Delongis was the whip trainer, so I’m guessing my second guess that they didn’t listen to the trainer is the likely scenario.

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