Weaver Leather Kangaroo Sale…

Weaver Leather Kangaroo Sale…

I got an email the other day from Weaver Leather (who I’ve never done business with before) saying that all leather on their website is 25% off and has free shipping on orders over $50.

weaver leather supply

Normally when leather places have sales they exclude exotic leather (which kangaroo is generally considered), however I decided to check it out and the coupon code USAVE25 worked on kangaroo, so I ordered a kangaroo skin which should arrive sometime in the next week.

Normally kangaroo is $145 a skin which is expensive, especially when they sell it by the skin not by the square decimeter or square foot.  Personally I like buying my kangaroo (or any leather) by the actual size, not by the piece.  Weaver’s website says they average 6 square feet, but that doesn’t guarantee I won’t get the odd 48dm kangaroo skin making this kangaroo skin really expensive!

Years ago I used to bring in kangaroo from Australia and it was a lot cheaper because there was no middle man reselling it.  However there were problems bringing in larger quantities.  You get what you get, so I could get a ton of small skins, scarred skins, etc.  And somehow I always had a run on the color of kangaroo skin that I ordered the least of, so I would have to reorder a lot more skins when I already had a lot on hand just to get one skin of a certain color for an order.  So now I order in smaller quantities from a couple of suppliers in the USA that give me exactly what I want for whatever project I’m working on.

I’ve never gotten a bad skin from the two suppliers I use, which are:

David Morgan

Midwest Whips

I trust them to pull an awesome kangaroo skin for me and they always come through!  Both of those suppliers sell by the skins actual size and will pull me exactly what I want for whatever project I’m working on!

I have a feeling that the kangaroo from Weaver will be a purchase I only make when they are having a sale to build up my general stock of kangaroo (I always have a few skins on hand!) and not when I need a skin of a specific size for a specific purpose!


2 thoughts on “Weaver Leather Kangaroo Sale…

  1. Hey Louie, Have you ever bought from Hardtke? I bought my last batch from them and was surprised at the quality. Pricewise it is cheaper than Morgan or Midwest, but I love the quality that Paul Nolan has. I’ve never gotten a bad skin from him.

    1. Jeff,

      I used to use hardtke, but there was a point two orders in a row where I got really bad skins. When I’m paying for skins I need them to be reasonably clear, and I like the security of having a whip maker pull what I need for the job. Sure it costs a couple bucks more, but if you get a bad batch of skins and you end up using 2 skins to do the job of one it’s not a savings. Maybe I should give Hardtke another shot…


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