Cat O’ Nine Tails

Cat O’ Nine Tails

I started making this Cat O’ Nine Tails a long time ago!  It was for a customer that ordered one and may have needed a second matching one.  To make the work easier for me I started them both at the same time so that  I could match diameter and thickness of the lashes.  Turns out they didn’t need the second Cat O’ Nine Tails, so this one has had work very slowly put in on it over the last year.

This whip had all the lashes plaited, but they needed to be tied off, so yesterday I put the knots on the ends of all the lashes.

cat o nine tails

Now all that’s left to do is put on a wrist loop, do the two turksheads and shellac.  This Cat of Nine Tails has slightly different construction than I would normally use.  Normally I would use a shot loaded core, but this one (and it’s mate) have fiberglass cores.  Hopefully I’ll finally finish this over the next few days!



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