English CALF Leather

English CALF Leather

A couple of weeks ago I got an email newsletter from Steven Siegel and in it he mentioned having some English Calf.  I’ve used English Kip before and while it was good for bovine leather honestly I didn’t think it justified the higher price over regular kip.  When I saw he had English Calf I figured I’d try some out…and he had a coupon for it in the email!

I ordered a full hide of it and at the time it was $150, however I just peeked at his website and it’s now $175 for a full hide.  The English Calf I was sent was good clean skin (no brands or big scars) and while light feels fairly strong.  We’ll see what happens when  I start to cut it up and braid with it!

My plan is to make some 8 plait bullwhips out of this English Calf.  I might get adventurous and go for a 12 plait, but we’ll see how the leather is with an 8 plait before I make that determination.  Here’s what the leather looks like:

bull whip

If you don’t know the difference between kip and calf, it’s basically age/size.  Calf is a young cow and kip is a teenage cow.   I think this is usually not actually sorted by age but by the size of the full hide.


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