Bull Whip Heel Knot

Bull Whip Heel Knot

The 4 plait bull whip that I made for myself a few weeks ago for a specific trick has taken quite a beating!  In this particular trick the heel knot is getting hit on the ground a lot and with quite a bit of force.  This is a very unusual type of stress for the butt of the whip and most whips will never take the abuse that I’ve given this whip in the last few weeks in their lifetime.

As a result of my practicing this trick the leather cap that goes over the butt of the handle had worn out and the end of the spike was poking through.  This was a strictly cosmetic damage and didn’t change the function of the whip at all.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before I started my repair.  The fix was simple I added another leather cap over the one that was wearing out and put a new knot over it.

I didn’t remove the old leather cap before I added the new one, so the heel knot is slightly larger than before.


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