Dog Lead from Leftover Kangaroo!

Dog Lead from Leftover Kangaroo!

When making a whips from kangaroo you end up with leftover centers of whips.  Some of these are large enough to be parts of other whips and some are not.  Some end up lace for knots, or small little projects.  I took two centers that I had left and made a 4 plait dog lead:

dog lead


One of the little bits of flair  that I add to these 4 plait dog leads is giving them a higher plait count wrist loop.  This particular one has a 10 plait wrist loop.  These are simple to make I simply split the 4 strands for the body of the leash in half to give me 8 strands.  Add those 8 strands to the two strands that are the core and you’ve got an 10 plait wrist loop!

This dog lead is available for sale on my IN STOCK dog leads page.


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