Finished Snake whip

Finished Snake whip

I’ve finished the 3 foot 24 plait snake whip.

snake whip


I really like the Interlocking I’s Plaited Pattern on the hand grip.  However if I were to make a whip like this in the future I’d probably change the plaiting on the lash. I would either:

  1. Only drop the tan strands so the whip gradually became more black ending with a black point.or
  2. Rearrange the lace at the end of the hand grip and do a different pattern at the lash. I would have to put a knot at the transition from the hand grip’s pattern to the lash’s pattern to cover the rearrangement of the lace.

I cracked this whip a few times in my living room and it’s a fun little whip!  It’s currently listed for sale on my IN STOCK whips page.


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