Indy Style Bullwhip

Indy Style Bullwhip

This 8 foot bullwhip that I’m working on is being made in the style of the bull whip used by Indiana Jones.  I’m pretty rigid with what a bullwhip has to have to be considered an Indiana Jones Bullwhip. I think the minimum exterior must meet the following conditions:

  1. 12 plait ending at a 6 plait point
  2. Whitehide fall
  3. 5 X 4  3 pass turkshead knot on butt of handle
  4. 5 X 4  2 pass turkshead knot on the handle to lash transition
  5. 6 plait wrist loop
  6. Single diamond (checkerboard) plait on handle
  7. 4 seam plait on lash.
  8. natural tan or aged natural tan in color

All of the bullwhips in the first 3 movies had those qualities.  Now if it’s a fourth movie, the conditions are a little bit different. If you don’t understand what any of those conditions mean, feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll clarify a bit for you.

I’m amazed how every whip on Ebay is INDIANA JONES BULLWHIP, however it you look at them the are simply a whip…not an Indiana Jones Bullwhip!

Here’s a progress report on the Indiana Jones Style Bull Whip that I’m working on now.

Right now I have the plaiting finished:

indy bullwhip


Later today I should have the the knots and wrist loop put on.  After that there is still all the finishing that needs to happen before it’s complete.


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