Real Time Bullwhip Progress Report!

Real Time Bullwhip Progress Report!


When I make a bull whip I write on the bolster.  I don’t write and inspirational quotes or anything like that, I just write the distance every foot.  This helps me keep track of where I am during the plaiting process and this will help keep me aware of the taper and what it should be at that point.

So here’s the bull whip at three feet:

bolster - bull whip


And here’s the bull whip at four feet:

bolster - bull whip

When I was first starting out I used to draw a line down the middle of the bolster in addition to putting marks every foot.  The line used to  help me keep my seam from wandering to much around the whip.


One thought on “Real Time Bullwhip Progress Report!

  1. Haha that made me laugh a little ” don’t write inspirational quotes or anything “.

    I remember on some of my earlier whips I wrote random things on the bolsters. What the weather was doing, what time it was, “I’m tired”, things like that. Lol no telling what you may find on some whips opening them up :p

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