Unique One Person Whip Targets!

Unique One Person Whip Targets!

Here’s an interesting little video of some very unique two person whip targeting…with only one person!

Personally I love anything that’s a different take on something standard, like a hand held target.  If you are a whip performer, how are you making your show unique?  What’s the original spin you are giving on your act?

For my act,  if you’ve followed this blog, you’ve seen some of my Rube Goldberg  style inventions that are triggered by a whip:

Or coming up with a way to  open a sealed coke bottle with a short bullwhip.  

These are things that set me apart from people doing standard tricks.  If you want to be a Whip Performer you need to come up with something different!  Sure you can do standard stuff and you’ll do fine, but you won’t be an artist!


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