How To Make a Whip Fall

How To Make a Whip Fall

Today I made some Latigo Whip Falls.  They are pretty simple to make (as far as leather projects go).  First I use a yard stick to score lines in the side of latigo:


Then I cut out the falls using a desktop lace cutter:

bull whip fall - latigo


I cut them out by following the scored lines with the blade in the lace cutter and that leaves me with individual strips of leather:

How to make a bull whip fall


The next step it to cut a slit in the fall.  I have a block of cardboard that is duct taped together.  I put the blade through the latigo and then pull on the fall keeping the blade stationary:



And then I pare all four corners of the fall:

bull whip fall - latigo


and that gives me the almost finished latigo whip falls:

bull whip fall - latigo

All that’s left is to grease them and then they are good to go!




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