From the Mail Bag…

From the Mail Bag…

Here are the answers to some email’s I’ve gotten recently:

Question: can you tell me where you got your lace cutter?  been lookingfor a good one and can’t find one..thanks

Answer:  When I use a lace cutter I prefer to use a David Morgan Lace Cutter which is available at:
What I love about this lace cutter is how simple it is.  It cuts lace, there are no bells and whistles, it just cuts uniform lace.  But you can also use it t resize lace that has already been cut.  So for example if you are cutting lace around the outer stretchy part you can cut the lace wide.  Then tie it to the hook, stretch is and use the lace cutter to resize it to your final desired width.


Question: I was wondering where you got your rounder that I saw on youtube?  thanks

Answer:  I got my leather rounder on ebay.  Mine is a vintage one:

leather rounder

You can get a new one from Hansen at or keep checking ebay or maybe ask around at your local leather shop. I also think there is a plan for a simple wooden leather rounder in Bruce Grant’s book Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding available at:


Question: Hi! really love your whips and the time you take to show everyone what its all about just have a few questions i have been making floggers with nylon handles for a while so im no stranger to whipmaking, but recently i had an order for a 4ft leather snakewhip and was hoping you can help me with some concerns i have when you “grease” a hide that wasent drum stuffed, what are you putting on it?

Answer:  I use leather dressing to grease a dry skin/hide.  So I rub the dressing on and let it soak in, then I clean off any excess.  Pecard Leather Dressing works well for this and is available at: 


Question: The whip i making im aiming to do a shot bag, 4 or 6 plait belly, bolster then the overlay, all in 4oz cowhide what would you recomend for the overlay plait? i dont want to go too high a count in fear of breaking strands, but i also do not want a 4 plait overlay that will aprear alittle “chunky” would really aprecate any help you can offer, and keep making awsome whips!

Answer:  With 4 ounce cowhide it’s pretty thick, so you’d have a hard time getting any really high plait count to look good.  I’d go with an 8 plait.  Personally I think there is something elegant about a well done 8 plait whip.  It’s a working whip that will look good!


Question: I had some questions about your stock whip kit. I am just starting out trying to learn whip-making and I want to make the stock red and tail black & red.

1) Is the leather pre-stained or pre-treated?

2)Could I make a shorter whip out of the kit?

3)If it is not pre-treated or pre-stained, would I be able to dye the strands?

Answers: The leather in the Make Your Own Stock Whip Kit is dry and natural in color, so it will take dye.  If you choose to dye it, you can however there are no instructions for that that come with the stock whip kit.

You can make a shorter whip out of the stock whip kit, however I cut the strand with a 5.5 foot whip as the finished product.  So you may have to do some tweaking of the strand widths, belly lengths, etc.


Hope that answers your questions.  If you have questions feel free to leave them as a comment on a post or email them to me via my contact form.  It make take a little while for me to get to them so be patient!


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