Whip Sampler

Whip Sampler

Right now I’ve started a little project that I’ve always wanted to do.  I’m making a four whips, each will be four feet long and of a different type.  So there will be a signal whip, snake whip, bull whip and a stock whip.  They all will be made with similar plaiting and look, however I haven’t decided if they will be 8 or 12 plait.

So far I have the cores cut out:


And the cores have been assembled and are currently letting grease soak in:


I’ve also cut out all the bellies and sometime later today I should have a chance to at least do the strand prep…and maybe some plaiting.

Ideally I’d sell these as a set of four whips, but I don’t know if buying four whips at once would be cost prohibitive or not.  We’ll see…

Also this is a quick heads up that I’m leaving town on 2/1/13 for a couple of weeks, so if you are looking for a custom made whip you will need to order in the next day or two if you want it to ship out before I leave.


2 thoughts on “Whip Sampler

  1. That’s a really cool idea. Since you’re wanting to sell them as a set, I’d say make them 8 plait so as not to kick the price up too high. It’s going to be an expensive set as is!

    1. Jeremy,

      I’m doing them in 12 plait…mostly because it’s more interesting for me. They all are going to be 4 feet long, so even if I decide to sell as a set it won’t be as expensive as if everything was 6 feet long.

      Honestly based on price alone I’ll probably have to sell them individually…but will initially try to sell them as a set.


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