Kangaroo Waste Experiment…

Kangaroo Waste Experiment…

I’ve always been curious how much kangaroo gets throw away when you make a bullwhip.  I’m making a 5 foot 12 plait bullwhip and starting with a 46 dm skin that weighs 262 grams.  Keep in mind I’m doing all my weighing with my digital kitchen scale which may or may not be super accurate.

veg tanned kangaroo skin

After the initial trim to cut the jagged edges off the kangaroo skin it now weight 224 grams.

veg tanned kangaroo

So after the first trim we’ve lost 38 grams.

After cutting out the first belly the kangaroo skin weighs 186 grams and the belly is 25 grams.


Cutting off the belly have given us approx 51 grams of waste

Currently there is 25 grams of kangaroo in finished belly of the bullwhip.


Currently I have the bolsters on the whip and have cut out the overlay, but still need to pare it and I will weigh it once it’s ready for plaiting.


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